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Elska Magazine Issue (14) - Haifa, Israel


Product Description

This new edition of Elska features Haifa, Israel, known as the country's most diverse and harmonious city. It is also a very beautiful place, positioned on the slopes of Mount Carmel with the warm, blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea at its feet. Sixteen local men from varied backgrounds share their intimate photospreads and personal stories, helping you get to know the city's diversity - Jews, Arabs, as well as some from the city's huge post-Soviet communities and beyond. Some of the stories reveal particular struggles, such as an Arab dealing with coming out to a conservative community, a Jew desperate to make it through his compulsory military service and another left despondent over a love affair that he knows can’t survive, or a new Russian immigrant trying to fit in. These men do reveal some of their pain, but they share their hope as well. And Haifa seems to set a better example than anywhere else in Israel of how different people should be able to live together, not just by tolerating each other but by loving each other. 

Also includes the 'Elska Dehors' feature, featuring a series by Dutch photographer and flight attendant Rik Besselink, chronicling his travels through self-portraits alone in layover hotels.

Paperback, 164 pages

Photographer: Liam Cunningham

“We had more requests to do an issue in Israel than anywhere else", says Elska editor Liam Campbell, "though I’m certain most expected us to go to the huge gay hub that is Tel Aviv. However, it was important, especially in a politically sensitive place like Israel, that we be able to show diversity. Haifa is known for being the most mixed and normalised city in the country, with Jews and Arabs sharing the same space and with a greater degree of harmony than anywhere else. Then add to that a huge community from the former Soviet republics and I knew that Haifa had to be our focus.”

Of course, as with any city, it’s the people who really make a place, and the men of Haifa really complemented the city’s beauty with a special type of warmth. "Most striking is how much the locals care for each other,” adds Liam. “All of the men we met kept asking if we’d managed to meet people from other communities. Jews were spreading the word to their Arab friends, Arabs were introducing us to their Russian friends, and everyone wanted to make sure that we would be able to show the multiculturalism that the people of Haifa are so proud of."


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