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Alex in Wonderland

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Meet Alex . . . a handsome, gay rich kid from New Orleans who has some hard lessons to learn Alex wondered if this was all a crazy dream. Nothing had made much sense since the bus skidded off the highway, and the bizarre cast of bodybuilders, rednecks, and big-haired waitresses made him feel like he'd tumbled down another rabbit hole. It was unsettling to think everything he'd done in his life had led him to this moment, standing half naked on a Florida highway with his thumb stuck out and future as uncertain as the Gulf weather. He took a deep breath and tried to focus, grateful when a cool ocean breeze cleared some of the mental cobwebs. The sun felt good too, kissing his bare chest and shoulders, and he felt better still when a truck pulled over and the driver motioned them to climb aboard. Alex Sumner, 26, is the closeted gay son of an obscenely wealthy and powerful New Orleans oil tycoon. At the insistence of his father, Alex has become engaged to Camilla, the pushy and totally self-absorbed daughter of another oil man. This farce has been arranged by their fathers, who hope to unite their businesses and create a financial empire that could last for decades, even centuries. Appalled at the looming prospect of a hollow, arranged marriage, Alex hightails it for Key West. On the way, he meets Cord. Big, strong, and on the skids, Cord is an out-of-work personal trainer about to humble himself begging his homophobic dad for a job. He's humiliated at the prospect of working for the man who abused him and his brother when they were kids, but sees no other way to stay afloat. Cord and Alex fall in love, but Alex's father has posted a huge reward for his return, and amateur bounty hunters are on his trail. Soon, Alex finds himself back in New Orleans. With the help of his drag queen friend and mentor Jolie, Alex finally realizes the importance of being true to oneself, regardless of consequence.

Author: Michael Lacroix

Paperback 268 pages  Published 2005

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