Slices of Life (Short Stories)

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How many people do you cross paths with on any given day? A dozen? Twenty? Fifty? Ever stop to wonder how many of them might have more in common with you than you realize? What about your mail carrier? Your Zumba instructor? Your mechanic? The girl at the cash register of the supermarket? Your waiter? The person behind you in line at the bank? The truth is, we each have contact - however fleeting - with countless people each day about whom we know little to nothing.

Join award-winning author Georgia Beers as she explores this very concept in Slices of Life, her first collection of connected short stories. Each story gives you a glimpse into the life of a character who happens to be a lesbian. Some are in love. Some are in trouble. Some are just going about their day. And at some point during that day, each character will cross paths with another... with fascinating results!

Paperback,  120 Pages, Published 2013

Author: Georgia Beers

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