Weekend (A Novel)

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In this intimate, sexy novel, featuring two lesbian/queer couples living next door to each other, prize-winning writer Jane Eaton Hamilton explores the complexities of contemporary queer love.

On her fiftieth birthday, crazy-in-love Ajax visits her mercurial lover Logan, who trails their tarnished reputation like a lapsed halo. Logan has secrets, but so does Ajax, and during their weekend getaway to Ontario's cottage country, some of these secrets will prove explosive.

In the next cottage, long-term couple Joe and Elliot are having their own challenges as the parents of a newborn baby girl. Joe isn't sure if Elliot loves her or even if Elliot wanted a baby at all. Can she make it through a weekend feeling as she does, let alone the rest of her life?

''Weekend'' is a searing and heartbreaking novel of longing and regret; a romance which considers the true nature of love at the cusp of middle age; and a tender queer examination of trust, negotiation, and what's worth keeping in the end.

Some reviews of ''Weekend'' :

''Weekend'' is tender and raw, with smoldering sex scenes and intimate arguments that leave bruises. Jane Eaton Hamilton exposes the exquisite vulnerabilities of her characters with empathy and insight. — Karrie Higgins, author of "Strange Flowers"

Hamilton's writing is propulsive, and the story moves at an effortless pace as it explores a multitude of sexualities and identities, as well as the difficulties and even explosive outcomes of navigating them while remaining faithful to and honest with one's partner or partners. — Publishers Weekly

Stunningly beautiful ... This is a book I have been waiting to read. It is a book I enjoyed every single minute of reading. It is a book I want to share with everyone. This is a story of how we live our queer lesbian lives now. Do not miss it. — Curve magazine

What I like about ''Weekend'' is how it depicts sex as part of everyday life and acknowledges queer women and non-binary people as sexual beings without hypersexualizing them. — The Globe and Mail

Paperback, 290 Pages, Published August 2016

Author: Jane Eaton Hamilton

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