Danyon: Wishing to be dead is a way to go on living

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Inspired by true events, 20-year-old pro surfer Danyon begins having blackouts. When he comes off his board mid-wave and is saved by a man of the same age who has bullied him his entire life, Danyon's mind begins to play games with him.

Danyon Harp is a 20-year-old, good-looking, long-haired pro surfer who is pretty much a loner. But then he begins experiencing blackouts, brought on after years of intense bullying about his sexuality. When he comes off his surfboard mid-wave, he is saved by the same guys who have bullied him his whole life. Danyon comes to from the incident to find the hottest guy in town, Dash, with his thick lips sealed over his own. His life has been saved on the beach but something else begins to stir too between the rescued and his saviour, between the bullied and the bully... This unexpected surfer romance is a quintessential Aussie love story!
Author: Dacre Danes

Paperback Published 25 August 2020 372 pages

"Danyon is a highly provocative and powerful character. Within the pages of this book lay the struggles of a young man fighting for dignity and acknowledge and acceptance of his connection to Source. This book will open your eyes and heart to the effects of bullying depression and suicide can be turned around and a person can be made strong and whole".- Denise Painter, Author, United States political consultant and former White House staffer.

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