Love Makes Room: And Other Things I Learned When My Daughter Came Out

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When Christian singer and speaker Staci Frenes learned her teenage daughter was gay, she found her dreams for the future--along with her lifelong faith--collapsing around her.

Coming to terms with a new reality was a challenge--and an invitation--to make room for many things along the way: the inevitability of uncertainty, hope in the midst of loss, awkward and tough conversations, an expanding faith, and a greater understanding of how people are more the same than different.

In Love Makes Room, Frenes helps readers see that a reimagined future may look different than our old hoped-for pictures of ourselves and our families, but it can also be wider, deeper, and more fulfilling than we ever dreamed.

Author: Staci Frenes

Paperback Published 20 May 2021 240 pages

"These pages are not trying to win any arguments, but are a beautiful opening to many important conversations. This book is timely for me, and is giving me language for my own journey with people I love. I want to make room." --Sara Groves, Singer/Songwriter and Recording Artist

"If you are committed to understanding and loving you gay child, queer cousin, or trans neighbor, start here with Love Makes Room. The story of Staci Frenes's quest for a more expansive expression of love will help you make room in your heart for others, too. It's that simple. It's that difficult. It's that profound." --Jonathan Merritt, contributing writer for The Atlantic and award-winning author of "Learning to Speak God from Scratch"

"This is a story of invitation and awakening. With tender eloquence, Staci Frenes reminds us that love's most extraordinary gift often starts so simply--by putting your ear to the chest of those you cherish most and listening deeply to their heart." --Jennifer Knapp, singer/songwriter, author Facing The Music

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