My Gay Husband: How my Gay Ex-Husband Became my Best Friend

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In January 2016, Leanne's life is turned upside down when a mysterious white envelope is placed inside her hand by Julian, her husband of twenty-one years. She feels shaken and deceived by the words inside, especially when faced with the knowledge that her marriage was based on lies and false pretences.

Her deleterious relationship with her father had a profound effect on her life choices and decision-making, as we discover when she is reminded of her childhood and its connection to her broken marriage.

The journey of Leanne's healing process is not an easy one, leaving scars but also paving the way for a brighter future that she never imagined could be possible.

Author: Leanne Azzopardi

Paperback Published 11 Desember 2019  172 pages

"This story has a raw honesty to it, the reader can really feel Leanne's pain and anguish, but also admire her strength and courage facing such a difficult situation." -Susan Vinson, author of Silver Souls

"Leanne's willingness to open up her life to us, not just her marriage but her childhood as well, makes me feel honoured that she allows us this view into her world."-Natalie Vujovich, author of Where Did I Leave My Dragon?

"Well written, gives a very clear insight into the confusion, emotions and heartbreak caused by this complete betrayal of trust, dropped like a bombshell with absolutely no warning. I feel it is quite an important story and has the potential to help and give strength to others who find themselves in a similar position."-Patricia Kelly, author of Shadow of The Wheel

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