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Sex Rites ( Pledged to Magic Book Three )

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"Sex Rites" explores beyond the traditional science fiction genre with a genuine saga of gay sexual adventure, very much in the style of Philip Jose Farmer. This is such an arousing story that a brief review can hardly do justice to the well crafted new character. Dannel is an incredible sensual stud who was sold by his greedy parents at a very young age to a cult to become one of their enslaved guardians of ancients secrets.
Thane is on the run from the Zamindar's relentless pursuers, after thwarting the tyrannical ruler's chance for immortality. Having narrowly prevented destruction of the Lyceum, a community of mages that use sex magic, Sorrel and Nicolai have sent the ever playful Skorri and his skilled companion Erik to assist in Thane and Ander's escape. As a result, we are treated to a sexually filled adventure into new lands of ancient secrets. The reader is given the opportunity to more fully understand why Skorri and Erik are so highly regarded at the Lyceum for their particular skills and legendary horny nature.
This was a fine tale to conclude the series and especially fun to see some new ideas of sexual intrigue and exploration. On my first reading, I didn't fully appreciate the attention to the sexual and cultural details that Brandon Fox manages to weave into the story. This is not a novel to race through just to get from one sex scene to the next. "Sex Rites" is well thought out gay science fiction that will leave you feeling good and pondering things beyond the scope of simple pleasures. A fine novel to read more than once.

Author: Brandon Fox

Paperback  Published November 2000  192 pages


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