J.M. Tolcher

Poof - Signed by the Author

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Part provocateur, part seducer, this young gay man’s account of life offers one of the freshest takes on Australia and the world today.

A long time ago, a boy named Antinous mysteriously drowned while cruising the Nile with his lover, the great emperor Hadrian. Distraught, Hadrian deified Antinous, making him one of the few mortals to ever become a god. And yet the truth surrounding Antinous’ death was never revealed. What was Hadrian hiding?

Two thousand years later, James is born and raised in the dreary outer suburbs of Brisbane. Outcast by his peers and with no sense of belonging amongst his own people, his search for love and purpose draws him to the beds of powerful, sadistic men. International penthouses. Country estates. Dark basements of leather clubs. Used for nothing more than his young body, he suffers pain for their pleasure. He finds his heart and body throbbing for them, hoping if he can just endure a little longer, a little more, drunk, drugged, burnt and flogged… will they love him?

But these men are trapped by their own secret desires. The same trap Antinous found himself in. Enter Dionysus, the god of drinking, fucking, and madness. He has come to free you from shame and subvert the shackles of the powerful. This poof will show you a god-damned party.

The Bacchanalia begins.

Author: J.M. Tocher

Paperback  Published 24 April 2023  262 pages

'Bold, provocative, gripping a... an epic debut' - Shannon Malloy

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