Queer Sex: A Trans and Non-Binary Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Relationships

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Frankly discussing desire, sex and how trans people relate to their bodies and relationships, this collection of intimate interviews with leading figures from the trans and non-binary community is a call to arms for how society views gender and sexuality.

In this frank, funny and poignant book, transgender activist Juno Roche discusses sex, desire and dating with leading figures from the trans and non-binary community. Calling out prejudices and inspiring readers to explore their own concepts of intimacy and sexuality, the first-hand accounts celebrate the wonder and potential of trans bodies and push at the boundaries of how society views gender, sexuality and relationships. Empowering and necessary, this collection shows all trans people deserve to feel brave, beautiful and sexy.

Author: Juno Roche

Paperback, 267 pages, Published May 2018  


'Queer Sex is simply phenomenal.'
- Bitch Media

'Ahhh, now these are the sex talks I'd like to have had back when I was first transitioning. This book is sure going to encourage and inspire a whole lot of trans and gender nonconforming family and their lovers.'
- Kate Bornstein, author of ''Gender Outlaw''

'Queer Sex is an audacious and inspiring challenge to a system that shames trans bodies and desires. Roche's words are a gift to anyone looking to open their minds and fall in love with the possibilities of love.'
- CN Lester, academic, musician and author of ''Trans Like Me''

'I love this brave, inspirational, and groundbreaking book! Juno Roche is having the kinds of conversations about bodies, intimacy and sex that I've been longing to hear in the queer and trans communities. Brava, Juno!'
- Barbara Carrellas, author of ''Urban Tantra: Sacred Sex for the Twenty-first Century''

'This book delivers honesty with humour and heart on a subject that is not talked about enough. As a trans girl contemplating surgery I can't express how grateful I am for this.'
- Charlie Craggs, founder of Nail Transphobia & author of ''To My Trans Sisters''

'I have been reading Juno Roche for some time and she has educated me through her writing about gender non-conformity issues and cisgender privilege. Everyone needs the transparency of a commentator like Juno. I salute this deeply personal, honest and instructive book. It will be a comfort to many, and for others a much needed testament to the indisputable fact that we are all individuals able to encourage each other towards authenticity.'
- Caryn Franklin MBE, fashion and identity commentator and professor of diversity, Kingston School of Art.

'The interviews in Queer Sex are captivating and offer a real and often warm-hearted look at how our thoughts around intimacy and sex are constantly evolving. Juno's writing shines throughout, and on more than one occasion I found myself nodding my head and thinking, yep, I feel that!'
- Freiya Benson, author and writer

'A valuable contribution to the recent trend of LGBTQ+ nonfiction from a gifted writer and interviewer. It taught me about elements of transitioning that I was unaware of and sparked an interesting discussion on gender, genitalia and sex.'
- UEA Feminist Book Club



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