Claiming of Alec Caldwell : Erotic Adventures of a Young Businessman (Book #3)

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Alec Caldwell is a successful investment manager at the top of his game. He’s also a member of a secret society of sex slaves and masters with rules of its own. Jostling for power and position in the world of London finance is one thing. Who’s on top and who’s on bottom in the Order of Gentleman is something else altogether. Alec finds out that with business and with pleasure, in love and in life, good and bad, dominant and dominated aren’t always what they seem. Can he find the balance between sex toy, boyfriend, and newly acquired status as a master to his own boys? Follow Alec’s journey as he picks through the choicest titbits and skims over what often feels like the wreckage passion and desire leave in their wake.

This is Book 3 in the Alec Caldwell series.

Author: Casey K. Cox.

Paperback, 192 pp, 2017.

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