S.T. Gibson

Evocation (Book I in The Summoner's Circle)

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Expected release date is 28th May 2024

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From The Sunday Times bestselling author of B&N's best books of 2022 A Dowry of Blood, comes a spellbinding and vibrant new series.

Including a smouldering rivals-to-lovers polyamorous relationship, Evocation is perfect for those looking for their next magical, urban fantasy read after The Magicians by Lev Grossman

The day David Aristarkhov’s occultist father died, he bought himself an Audi, drank every drop of liquor in the house, and abandoned his life as a teen psychic prodigy. Now pushing thirty, David is a Boston attorney, moonlighting as a medium for a secret society.

But when the Devil comes to collect on a deal David’s ancestor made, he reluctantly reaches out to his ex-boyfriend Rhys for help. However, to get to Rhys, David will have to befriend Moira, Rhys’s wife. The trio gets a little too close for comfort as they combine their powers to unravel the century-old curse, and if they don’t break the curse by David’s thirtieth birthday, he won’t live long enough for everyone to figure out their feelings for each other.

Author: S.T. Gibson

Paperback Published 28 May 2024  304 pages

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