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Kink is a groundbreaking anthology of literary short fiction exploring love and desire, BDSM, and interests across the sexual spectrum, edited by lauded writers R.O. Kwon and Garth Greenwell, and featuring a roster of all-star contributors including Alexander Chee, Roxane Gay, Carmen Maria Machado, and more.

Kink is a dynamic anthology of literary fiction that opens an imaginative door into the world of desire. The stories within this collection portray love, desire, BDSM, and sexual kinks in all their glory with a bold new vision. The collection includes works by renowned fiction writers such as Callum Angus, Alexander Chee, Vanessa Clark, Melissa Febos, Kim Fu, Roxane Gay, Cara Hoffman, Zeyn Joukhadar, Chris Kraus, Carmen Maria Machado, Peter Mountford, Larissa Pham, and Brandon Taylor, with Garth Greenwell and R.O. Kwon as editors.

The stories within explore bondage, power-play, and submissive-dominant relationships; we are taken to private estates, therapists’ offices, underground sex clubs, private estates, and even a Victorian-era sex theater. While there are whips and chains, sure, the true power of these stories lies in their beautiful, moving dispatches from across the sexual spectrum of interest and desires, as portrayed by some of today’s most exciting writers.

Editors: R.O Kwon and Garth Greenwell

Paperback Published 7 June 2023  288 pages

Originally published in trade paperback 3 March 2021 

Read and Recommended by Hendri:

"This collection of erotic short stories has been proclaimed as one of the most anticipated LGBTQ books of 2021, and it quickly becomes apparent why! Highly-acclaimed authors of our time, such as Roxanne Gay, Brandon Taylor, and Carmen Maria Machado, publish sensual stories for the very first time! Edited by two prominent American authors, R.O. Kwon and Garth Greenwell, Kink presents erotic desires, sexual experiments, the limits of consent, and sensual journeys towards selfhood, across the sexual spectrum. These short stories explore power-play dynamics, dominant-submissive relationships, open marriages, threesomes, and sex work. Readers are transported across times and spaces - a sex therapist's office, an underground club, a sex theatre in Paris, and even the supposedly normative place itself, home, where desires can no longer be contained safely. In "Oh, Youth", Brandon Taylor presents an erotic entanglement between a young boy and a married couple who live in the same house during summer, leading to the jealousy and competition between the husband and wife when it comes to sharing their golden boy. Garth Greenwell's acclaimed short story, "Gospodar", previously published in his book, Cleanness, is also featured in this volume. It tells about an unnamed American narrator engaging in an S&M hook-up with an older guy who quickly blurs the boundary between violence and pleasure. Equally impressive is Roxanne Gay's "Reach" and R.O. Kwon's "Safeword" that turn the domestic life of married couples upside down." 


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