Middle School's a Drag, You Better Werk!

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In this heartfelt and hilarious middle grade standalone from Greg Howard, an enterprising boy starts his own junior talent agency and signs a twelve-year-old aspiring drag queen as his first client.

Mikey is a true entrepreneur. Running his businesses from his family's carport/storage/laundry room isn't easy--but hey, the business world is a tough nut to crack! After his first venture--a cardboard general store--was swept off his front lawn in a baby tornado, and his second business--a croquet training camp--lost all its students, Mikey is looking for his next big thing. So when an older boy from school walks into Mikey's office looking for a talent agent to represent his drag queen act and introduces himself as Coco Caliente, Mistress of Madness and Mayhem, Mikey immediately draws up a contract on his notepad.

With such a fabulous client on his roster, Mikey reimagines himself as a rising talent manager with an eye for greatness and places an open casting call at school. Signing up Charlie, a boy in a wheelchair who dresses up as superheroes; Sanja, a dream interpreter; and Sadie, a girl with a high-jumping 3 legged Pit Bull named Fifi; Mikey has a team of stellar performers destined to make this business venture a success.

His client list is looking pretty good, but Coco is still Mikey's main star and Mikey wholeheartedly believes Coco is talented enough to win a local talent competition with a big cash prize. But when Coco's father and bullies from school seem set on stopping Coco from performing, Mikey and his friends are just as determined to make sure the show goes on.

Author: Greg Howard

Hardcover  Published 18 February 2020  304 pages

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