Hendri's​ Top 10 Books for June/ Pride.

Hendri's​ Top 10 Books for June/ Pride.

Posted by Hendri Yulius Wijaya on 16th Jun 2024

1. Whale - Cheon Myeong-Kwan 

Enjoy the wild ride of this International Booker Prize short-listed novel! It tells the story of an ambitious female entrepreneur who transitions genders and sets up a whale-shaped cinema! With unexpected plot twists this book is impossible to put down.

2. Who's Afraid of Gender - Judith Butler 

An accessible book for everyone who is interested in learning how we have arrived at the current understanding of gender and sexuality. You will certainly be more confident to read Judith Butler's or any queer theory academic texts after this book, as you'll finally grasp their ideas clearly from this book! 

3. Caledonian Road - Andrew O'Hagan 

A 52-year-old art professor, Campbell Flynn, writes an airport book to secure his finances and invites a handsome, popular actor to pretend to be the original author. What begins as an innocuous plot suddenly morphs into a scandal that involves a Russian oligarch and a criminal ring. 

4.  Ten Bridges I've Burnt - Brontez Purnell 

The award-winning author returns with his memoir written in verse in his usual style--wild, slutty, and brutally honest. This time, he doesn't shy away from celebrating failures and sexual misadventures as part of our queer life! 

5. The History of Sexuality - Toby Lakmaker 

A coming-of-age novel of a philosophising millennial who is first into men, then into women, but who will always be into women. Each chapter deals with the protagonist's ex and how they make sense of heartbreak, loss, and dysfunctional relationships. 

6. Change - Edouard Louis 

The French literary sensation chronicles his remarkable odyssey from abject poverty to becoming a respected gay writer in France. As he dines with upper-middle-class people and spends nights with multiple men, he may not be able to fully erase and leave his old identity behind. 

7.  Henry Henry - Allen Bratton 

A queer reimagining of Shakespeare's Henry plays, it follows the gay Catholic son of the Duke of Lancaster, who does copious amounts of cocaine and random sex, suddenly must confront the wounds of his family's past and grief. 

8. Transland: Consent, Kink, and Pleasure - Mx. Sly 

A self-discovery memoir of a non-binary person on their journey to discover self-worth and a sense of belonging in fetish and kink subculture. 

9. Holding The Man - Timothy Conigrave

Return to the Australian classic gay novel and an all-boys Catholic school in Melbourne. It's a time when gay marriage was not legal yet, yet a strong love between Timothy Conigrave and John Caleo would survive disapproval and even death 

10.  Madonna  - Mary Gabriel 

In this new biography, journalist Mary Gabriel explores Madonna's connections with her queer circles and how their relationships have transformed pop culture and queer arts.

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