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Lust, Men and Meth: A Gay Man’s Guide to Sex and Recovery

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''Lust, Men, and Meth: A Gay Man's Guide to Sex and Recovery'' provides insight for gay men struggling with the issues of sex and recovery, and for the professionals who work with them. The reader is equipped not only with essential information on the problems of drugs and sexuality, but also with solutions in the form of tools and resources that will support him along his path. The book is unique in its blend of therapeutic perspectives of addiction and sex therapy, from which Dr. Fawcett has integrated the most useful concepts and tools. Additionally, detailed case studies will assist clinicians who, in Dr. Fawcett's many trainings for professionals, have asked for material on substance use, identity, and sexuality in gay-identified men. These insights and tools will be helpful not only in the early stages of sobriety, but for an individual's continuing personal evolution of recovery as well.

The book is divided into three parts to help guide the reader through this multifaceted topic. The first part explains the chemical and psychological causes of addiction. The role of excitement, risk, and even boredom are explored, along with the vulnerabilities of some gay men who find themselves feeling unattractive, left out, or disconnected and utilize meth to soothe these feelings. It also examines the intersection of meth, the gay community, and the rise of dangerous health concerns such as HIV/AIDS.

The second part provides a sex therapist’s perspective on sexual desire and how eroticism develops in the brain, highlights exciting discoveries of neurobiology and the brain’s ability to change and adapt in response to compulsive behaviors, and sheds light both on the harmful consequences of drug use and clues about recovery.     

The final part explores the process of recovery from this drug in detail, with chapters on specific skills such as managing feelings, rethinking perspectives on sex, and rebuilding relationships with himself, his loved ones, and the community as he continues in recovery.

Gay men and their helping professionals will find the information in these pages illuminating and motivating as they create lives of recovery from addiction, as well as fulfilling and joyous sexual expression.

David Fawcett PhD, LCSW is a social worker, sex therapist, and clinical hypnotherapist with a private practice specializing in gay men's health. He consults with numerous organizations on clinical program development for areas such as substance use, sex addiction, HIV, stigma, and shame.

Paperback, 170 Pages, Published October 2015

Author: David Fawcett

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