Coming Out (Empowering You)

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Coming Out: Insights and Tips for Teenagers offers compassionate insight into the hows and whys of coming out. Whether you are struggling with coming out yourself or wanting to help a friend or family member, this book seeks to provide answers to some of the questions you may have.

Written from the perspective of the LGBTQIA+ community with firsthand accounts from fellow teenagers, this book addresses the issues and concerns of today that will resonate with anyone wishing to come out and live a happy, fulfilled life surrounded by people who love and accept them.

You will learn

  • how to know when you or a loved one is ready to come out
  • who to tell first
  • how to deal with unsupportive people
  • how to deal with homophobia
  • how to move into loving self-acceptance

With helpful tips and a list of online resources for making connections and more, this book will provide you with all the important information you might need to come out successfully and build a strong relationship with those around you.

Author: Kezia Endsley

Paperback Published 9 November 2020 154 pages

"Inspiring quotes and personal stories from young LGBTQ+ people tell teens what they need to know about coming out in this informative book in the Empowering You series. It suggests ways and tactics for coming out, offers tips on handling negativity and self-esteem issues, and provides scenarios for some responses queer youth might receive when talking to family and friends. The text gives advice on being outed and being bullied, building a network of friends and support groups, going on first dates, introducing queer friends to family, and being intimate (safe sex, STIs, consent, and breakups). . . . The straightforward and understandable advice is especially candid in the section on safe sex, and the comprehensive resources include religious-based LGBTQIA+ supports, statistics, notes, and helpful tips in text boxes. The self-acceptance message shines through in this useful book."― Booklist

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