Vicki Karaminas, Adam Geczy, Pamela Church Gibson

Fashionable Masculinities: Queers, Pimp Daddies, and Lumbersexuals

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Fashionable Masculinities explores the expression of masculinities through constructions of fashion, identity, style and appearance as the third decade of the new millennium begins: a contradictory and precarious moment when masculinities are defined by protests and pandemics whilst being problematized across class, ethnicity, race, gender and sexuality.

Whilst a majority of men might still define themselves as ‘traditional,’ post-millennials are now talking about how they envision a future without gender boundaries and borders. Rather than being defined as a gender, masculinity has now become a style that can be worn and performed as traditional and normative codes of masculinity are modulated and manipulated. This volume includes original essays on musical pop sensation Harry Styles, rapper and producer “Puff Daddy” Sean Combs, lumbersexuals, spornosexuals, sexy daddies, and aging cool black daddies. Bringing together contributions from leading scholars, this book interrogates and challenges the meaning of masculinities and the ways that they are experienced and lived. 

Contributions by Vicki Karaminas, Justine Taylor, Nigel Lezama, Michael McMillan, Vlad Strukov, Jay McCauley Bowstead, Jonathan Allan, Adam Geczy, Andrew Reilly, Barry Judd, Nikita Vanderbyl, Pamela Church Gibson, Shaun Cole, Ben Barry, Olga Vainshtein, Victor Vey, Anne Peirson-Smith, Jennifer Craik

Editors: Vicki KaraminasAdam GeczyPamela Church Gibson

Paperback Published 15 July 2022 274 pages (35 coloured pages)

"It is not just queers, pimp daddies, and lumbersexuals who rendezvous on this volume; it is a whole spectrum of masculinities: blak-indigenous men, gym bros, ageing action heroes, retro hipsters, Harry, and gen-Z influencers. Masculinities are legion: fluid, complex, and poised to forever resist essentializing binaries and gender signifiers. This timely volume, written by top experts in the field, offers a thorough insight into the design, advertising, retail, and consumption of fashionable masculinities."--José Blanco F., Chair of Fashion, Dominican University, Illinois
"This text represents the future of men’s fashion studies. It symbolizes a pivotal turn for understanding this discipline. The contributors take us on a journey through men’s fashion from the beginning into contemporary style. This book is crucial for anyone interested in men’s appearances, fashion, and lifestyles."--Joseph H. Hancock, II, professor, Drexel University, Philadelphia
"Contributors include some of the best minds in their field ... and the book’s 16 chapters are accessible to anyone interested in gender and clothing. ...Fashionable Masculinities picks apart our understanding of manhood, showing how 'masculinity has become a style that can be worn, assumed — or abjured.'"--Derek Guy, & New York Magazine

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