Valentin Gendrot (trans. Frank Wynne) (illus. Thierry Chavant)

FLIC: the true story of the journalist who infiltrated the police

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(French noun, slang)
cop; police officer

The gripping and groundbreaking work of French comics journalism.

What happens behind the walls of a police station? What kind of living does a cop make? And how does a culture of racism and violence become entrenched? Valentin Gendrot went undercover in Paris to find the answers — revelations that rocked France and led to a series of investigations, including an internal affairs case on Gendrot himself.

Flic is an exposé of a world never before seen by outsiders, an urgent story for our times, powerfully illustrated by the talented Thierry Chavant.

Author: Valentin Gendrot (trans. Frank Wynne) (illus. Thierry Chavant)

Paperback  Published 4 July 2023  144 pages (full colour)

‘What [Gendrot] depicts is a world of nihilistic cynicism. Stewing in racist invective and anti-bureaucratic rage at the mountains of paperwork they are buried under, Gendrot’s fellow officers come across as frustrated and thwarted. They take that anger out on usually defenseless immigrants. While Gendrot depicts many potent scenes of vindictive violence—at one point, he witnesses cops pummeling a teenager with all the vicious senselessness of a scene out of A Clockwork Orange—he also digs into the policing institution’s sad state of logistical affairs. After one officer kills himself, Gendrot delves into the sense of helplessness that leads so many other police to do the same (51 in 2017). The work builds into an empathetic chronicle of human suffering, with Gendrot emerging more mystified more than outraged. It’s a thought-provoking affront to any reader looking for simple solutions.’-PUBLISHERS WEEKLY

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