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Secret Dangers / Lethal Silence: The Alex Kane Missions Book 5 and 6

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The Alex Kane Missions, Books 5 & 6 - Meet Alex Kane. In Vietnam, the only lover he had known had been killed by a homophobic coward. With his physical prowess and the financial backing of his former lover's family Kane's sorrow turned to action, and he is resolved to fight back against anyone, anywhere who dares to challenge the dreams of gay men.

In Secret Dangers, a group of right-wing terrorists is using plane hijackings and explosions at airports and train stations to target gay men. Philadelphia, and Independence Hall, are the scene of more terror as Kane and his lover Danny Fortelli team up to defend gay men from these attacks by unseen and dangerous underground forces.

In Lethal Silence, a shadowy right-wing conglomerate has begun to consolidate hospital facilities determined to exclude all gay patients. The same group is funding an attack on the biggest gay march in Chicago as opportunity, where an army of mercenaries is determined to destroy the gay rights movement. Will the demonstrators march into a trap? Could a group of disabled protestors provide a key to thwarting the terrorists?

The Alex Kane Missions are a celebrated series of superhero adventure stories written for a general audience by bad boy John Preston whose journalism and fictional writings brought the leather and bondage scene mainstream.

Author: John Preston

Paperback Published 28 July 2023 264 pages

"It's here that John Preston brought together his talent as a genre writer and his lifelong commitment to healthy, fearless gay pride. Read these novels for the delicious entertainment and for a reminder of how far we have come as a queer tribe." - Philip Gambone

"The Alex Kane adventure novels expand the boundaries of family constructions. Alex, his young lover Danny, and Joseph Farmdale, his late lover James's father, unite to exact justice for hate crimes directed toward gay men ... Preston's theme in these works is literature's most enduring: the conflict of good and evil - this time with homosexuals being the good guys." - Jane D. Troxell

"The books provide pleasure on several levels. They acknowledge the harsh world in which we live, and they appeal to our need to think someone is standing up for our rights. They embody a set of values that we can emulate because of their continuing validity. ... The books provide pleasure on several levels. In a vision of the way things could be, gays and straights thus work together to make a better world." - Drewey Wayne Gunn

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