Kenny Porter

Superboy: The Man Of Tomorrow

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Conner Kent is back in the DC Universe! But after the events of Dark Crisis, he not only feels like he doesn’t fit in with the rest of the Superman family, he doesn’t fit in with the hero community at all. Conner takes his fight for truth and justice to the stars and sets out on a mission to carve his own path. Space is a big place though and what unknowns lurk for him in the great unknown?

After the events of Dark Crisis, Conner Kent has no idea where he fits in on Earth. He feels disconnected from the only family he’s ever known and doesn’t want to rely on his fellow Teen Titan friends. Using his bravado and swagger Conner sets out on a journey to the vastness of space to carve his own path as a hero. The great unknown is a big place though and with every opportunity comes new obsticles. What new threats await Conner as he discovers his new calling?  

Collects Superboy: The Man of Tomorrow #1-6!

Author: Kenny Porter
Paperback Published 11 June 2024 144 pages

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