The International LGBT Rights Movement: A History

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During the past four decades, the international lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender rights movement has made significant advances, but millions of LGBT people continue to live in fear in nations where homosexuality remains illegal. The International LGBT Rights Movement offers a comprehensive account of this global force, from its origins in the mid-nineteenth century to its crucial place in world affairs today. Belmonte examines the movement's goals, the disputes about its mission, and its rise to international importance.

The International LGBT Rights Movement provides a thorough introduction to the movement's history, highlighting key figures, controversies, and organizations. With a global scope that considers both state and non-state actors, the book explores transnational movements to challenge homophobia, while also assessing the successes and failures of these efforts along the way.

Author: Laura A. Belmonte

Paperback Published 11 March 2021 248 pages

“Belmonte's sweeping account of the international LGBT rights movement forces us to ask new, important questions and shifts our attention to global processes and trends that know no national limits.” –  Julio Capó, Jr., Deputy Director of the Wolfsonian Public Humanities Lab, Florida International University, USA

“Belmonte's crisp and compelling history of transnational campaigns for LGBTQ rights from the mid-nineteenth century until today is a marvelous introduction to the growing reach of the movement and an essential reminder of the fragilities of its successes in these times of rising homonationalism and authoritarian populism around the globe.” –  Mark Philip Bradley Bernadotte E. Schmitt Distinguished Service Professor of History, The University of Chicago, USA

“In The International LGBT Movement, Laura Belmonte offers the most authoritative account to date of the queer struggle for human rights in a transnational perspective. From exhilarating victories to heart-breaking setbacks, Belmonte's analysis of the calls for equality by brave individuals, demanding communities, and committed organizations across the globe is both poignant and inspiring. This compelling history reminds that as we move forward we need to double down on two imperatives. We must continue to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights throughout the world. At the same time, we must guarantee full inclusion and equity of all queer peoples in our communities while working to prevent queer rights being used as a strategy to oppress other subaltern peoples.” –  Bryant Ragan, Executive Director of the Society for French Historical Studies, Colorado College, USA


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